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Senin, 11 April 2011

Do Financial Planning Early

Living in the world is a mystery, just who in the All-Knowing The secret behind this life whether we will be sick in the productive age, get a disaster, layoff, until the latter summoned him. Therefore, it is good we prepare the best possible financial planning for the achievement of a comfortable life for us & family.
There is a good idea before we discuss further, we need to know what financial planning in general? Financial Planning Budgeting can be said also, that the budget would make costs and income in the future such as leasing, buying a house, savings, etc.. Planning may include investments in various portfolios.
Financial Planning is one topic that is very important that we never learned, a bad financial plan can make us homeless, a good financial plan can give us a comfortable life and family.
Financial planning sounds complicated, but I will try to discuss it in a simple but important to be applied in life, any person regardless of age. Of course, this discussion is not absolute should be similar to everyone, because everyone has their own life choices also have the ability and target different life.
So we can modify it and make assumptions based on their personal. 

The main thing in making the Financial Planning:
1. Determining the Purpose of Life (Life Goals)
It is very important for us to know what the target of our lives, it is better we write the target was on our minds or on a sheet of paper if we are afraid of forgetting. Imagine what kind of house we want, what you the best education for children, How much savings do we want to save, how much charity we want to spend, how many brothers we can help. Dreamed of everything, because the dream was free hehehe
Do not be stingy to dream set goals and try my best to achieve it.
That must be considered in our life's purpose:
- Education
When we are young and already have income, whether we need to proceed to S2, S3 or S1 enough alone. As a family we want our children to school until the level of what and how well and where.
- Employment
What kind of work we want: to work in an office 8-5, want to become civil servants, become entrepreneurs, want to have passive income?
- Lifestyle
How do we want to live .. Do fill life with work, or live leisurely enjoy hobbies and activities. The car that we wanted to have, high-tech life style or a traditional life style
- Housing
Where we want to live in a village, town, suburb. Once we've got the location, do not forget how much the house wants to have because it affects how much budget we have to prepare for shelter.
- When There Is No Other Income
We need to also take into account, where we will live now has no income. Do stay at home parents or relatives or others. It would be nice if we have a liquid savings account within a specified period to secure our lives. For example: all of a sudden the company where work had to layoff 50% of employees, we included therein. Since we already allocate savings to the cost of living 6 months, we still have time to look for another job, without having to run out of money.
- Insurance
One is certain in life is that nothing is certain in life. We have to insure themselves for the worst. Insurance is very important in financial planning, because every financial plan should have a budget allocation for insurance.
2. Income Plan
Of course, Financial planning is not just a dream, but revenue also become the main points in it because we must have revenue / income to realize our dreams.
Some forms of income sources:
- Careers
Lecture and Working as an employee in the company of others, work diligently and tenacious as a key to the success of employees and can achieve a successful career as targets in the plan.
- Business Owner
Having your own business a dream many people, very possibly be done by everyone. Both small and large scale.
- Investment
Investment is a very good thing to add to wealth, if we have money invested idle better. Forms of investment can vary from a low risk (low return) to high risk (high return) for example: deposit, gold, land, unit-linked insurance, property, currency, stocks and so forth.
Of course there are many more sources of income that can be obtained, rather than just rely on monthly salary as an employee. Some of us need to make a home rental business, penyewan kos-boarding, rental of apartment, writing articles / books, a photographer, a developer, teaching and other. Of course, because a lot of ways to make money, think well there is the most appropriate way for us to supplement their income?
3. Creating a Financial Plan
- Create Target per period of time
Create eg target 5 years ahead to be what, 10 fore th, 15 th ff fore. Following factors as criteria that must be achieved to realize the target:
• Review the needs of Main Living
Needs of today + 6% inflation per year. Do not forget to enter the cost of insurance and pension fund savings to the budget cost of this life.
• Living Needs to Have Fun
Calculate also the necessities of life to page 2 which is Luxurious. Example of a good house, nice car, a quality education.
Sum the monthly living needs, and set aside savings for the necessities of life have fun. Do not forget to also set aside your savings for a reserve fund of 6 months (at times there are things that cause the income stops) we still have a reserve fund to live while looking for other opportunities to generate revenue.
• Set Income Strategy
It is easiest to calculate the salary income we earn. If the income that we have today can not fulfill the needs of the target of our lives, it's good we tried other opportunities to generate revenue. We can also supplement their income from various other sources ex. Internet marketing, online shop, merchants, or it could be our hobby to make money such as photography and many more opportunities to get sustenance.
• Investment Plan
Investments to protect our property from the effects of inflation, compared to just keep to sleep cash. Examples of investments that we can do the land, gold, property, state bonds (ORI), Stocks, Forex, etc.. Make sure we understand what we invest. To diversify the investment is a good thing, when one of the investment were declining performance, can be offset by increasing returns from other investments. Investments The most I like is the Soil & Gold, even though these investments are long term but the value never goes down. Gold can not make us rich, but to keep our gold in order to stay rich. Land is the asset that no depreciation value, the better the location siap2 hehehe just being rich.
 Recall cost and income that may occur in the achievement of our target ..
Although it was difficult to calculate profit for certain things, but optimislah we can achieve what we aspire.
Key makes good Financial Planning
Making financial planning is something that is not difficult, but it takes rationality and creativity. We must be realistic to assess our current situation, creative look at what we might achieve, and have the integrity to follow the plan we've created with the discipline (this is the hardest).
Financial planning is not about how to get money as much as to achieve happiness, but how do we change our lives according to what we expect in life "Happiness". If the financial plan that we make are not helping us reach financial comfort, then we fail to plan financially.
Although we milyoner but we do not know what to do with our money, then we fail to plan financially ..
Quote from Ayn Rand:
"Money is only a tool. It will of take you Wherever you wish, but it will from not replace you as the driver. It will of give you the means for the satisfaction of your desires, but it will from not Provide you with desires. "

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  1. kontennya bagus, tapi tampilannya itu lho, terlalu banyak hiasan dan warna bikin perih mata dan mouse bingung mau ngeklik apa.

    saran sih buat yang simpel aja, jgn terlalu banyak warna dan hujan bikin berat komputer ini, makasih :)


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Kalimantan Selatan
Ph: 0511-4774629
[Sulawesi Selatan]
PT.Cipta Visi Sinar Kencana
Demplot Sulawesi Selatan
Indonesia Timur
Faristiwan Bohari
Komp Pepabri Blok D3/10
Sudiang Permai
Makassar, Indonesia
I Nyoman Rudi Arthana
Jl. Sudirman
Komp. Sudirman Agung
Blok F No 3A
Denpasar Bali
Mohamad Bijaksana
Greeneration Indonesia
Jl. Kanayakan D-35
Ph : 022-2500189
Fx : 022-2500189
Jl. Suka Karya Simpang
Kualu Panam
Pekanbaru 30151
[Kalimantan Barat]
Anton Kamarudin
PT. CVSK Pwk. Kalbar
Jl. Martadinata Gg Kecambah No.1
T. +62-81511985456
Kalimantan Barat
[Sumatera Utara]
Binur Hasibuan
Jl Kampung Baru
Perumahan Wira Asri
Blok II No 7 Rantau Prapat
Labuan Batu
Sumatera Utara 21411
Hp: 081376175864
Ph: 0624-22065
Sumatera Barat
[Sumatera Barat]
PT. CVSK Pwk Sumbar
Armus Arifin
Jl Gajah Mada No 2
Simpang Tinju-Padang
Ph: 0751-41353
Dwi Nurul
PT. CVSK Pwk Batam
Shanggrila Garden
Blok A1/64,
Sekupang Batam
Kepulauan Riau-29400
[Sumatera Selatan]
PT. CVSK Sumsel
Jl. Toman 7 No.9
Perum Sako
Sumatera Selatan
T. 081373871268-81273919583
Yahya Subhan, SE, H
Jl Hasanudin No 17 A Rengat
HP +62-81572527115
[Jakarta Selatan]
Dewi Nuraini, SP
PT.Permata Makmur Sejahtera
Jl. Mujair Raya No 5
Pasar Minggu
Jakarta Selatan
[Jakarta Selatan]
Nengah Sukerja, IR
Jl. Raya Lenteng Agung
Timur Baru No.18
Jakarta Selatan
Ph; +62-21-78888673-98925989
[Sumatera Utara]
M. Sirait
Jl. Puskesmas Ds.Sei Piring
Kec. Pulau Rakyat
Sumatera Utara
T. +62-623-355271
[Bandar Lampung]
Hayat Sulaiman,IR,MM
Jl. Slamet Riyadi No.5
Bandar Lampung
T. +62-21- 8464810
PT. Cipta Visi Sinar Kencana
Sonson Garsoni, Ir.
Jl. Pungkur No 115,
Ph : 022-4262235-4262253
Fx : 022-4214084
HP +62-81572527115
Binaan Posko Hijau
[Gerakan Indonesia Hijau Foundation]
LM3 Model GMIM Nafiri Manado
[Erisman Panjaitan,SE]
Sulawesi Utara
LM3 Model Ponpes Al-Izzah
[Drs.Ery Supardi]
Balikpapan-Kalimantan Timur
LM3 Ponpes Asy-Syifa
[H.Cholik H.Senen, ST]
Musi Banyuasin Sumatera Selatan
Mitra NGO
Lembaga Pengembangan dan Pemberdayaan
Kerjasama Antardaerah [Lekad]
Jl. Empu Sendok No.21
Kebayoran Baru-Jakarta Selatan
WebDesain & Webmaster:
Asrul Program Communication
Golden Centrum Building
JL. Majapahit Blok UV

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